Heart Rate Chart

Unlock the true potential of your workouts with our Heart Rate Training Zone Poster. This convenient and laminated 24″ x 36″ chart allows you to calculate your heart rate training zone at a glance using a simple zone chart. But that’s not all – we take it a step further. This poster includes a formula to help you calculate a more precise and optimal training zone that evolves as you measure your progress over time.

Maximize your fitness gains by accurately monitoring your heart rate during exercise. Our poster provides a valuable tool to fine-tune your workouts and achieve optimal results. Hang it in your home gym or fitness studio for quick and easy reference.

For those who prefer a digital version, we also offer a downloadable option. Embrace the power of precision and take your fitness journey to new heights with our Heart Rate Training Zone Poster. Start optimizing your workouts today!

Laminated; 24” x 36”

Digital Version Available Here