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Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell Products​

Kettlebells have seen increasing widespread appeal over the last few years. If you’re new to using this form of equipment, check out our amazing digital Handbook for Kettlebells or purchase a poster and learn some new exercises. Make sure to learn proper form and safety before using these amazing fitness tools.

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Digital Fitness

Don’t want to wait (or pay) for shipping? We get it! Purchase our digital series posters and get new exercise inspiration. With lots of options available choose from everything between dumbbells to kettlebells to yoga and body weight.

Sport Posters

Perfect for

Team sports are finally back in our lives! Sport is one of the best, social and fun ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our posters are an amazing tool for athletic teams and schools alike.

Show your support for your favorite sport!

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Pregnancy Exercises + Stretching Set

Expectant mothers and various medical clinics now have an amazing poster set covering safe stretching and exercises in the Productive Fitness Pregnancy and Exercises and Stretching Set (CPES-SET). A poster series to help educate you how to stretch and exercise in a low-impact way to keep you and your baby safe.